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VAT Rebate


VAT rebate in China (VAT Export Refund in China)

the China VAT can work for export products.  At the risk of oversimplifying, a 17 percent tax is paid on the additional value at each step as a given product flows down the supply chain to the end users.

Take the example of a plastic comb. Raw plastic is purchased for injection molding, and tax is paid. The plastic is used to manufacture a molded comb which is then sold to a beauty product distributor, and tax is paid on the added value. The distributor in turn sells the comb to a trading company for eventual export, and tax is paid on the added value. When the comb is exported, there may be a VAT rebate of between zero and 17 percent (depending on the product classification) against the 17 percent tax paid.

Without going into the complex formulas, let's say the China VAT rebate for plastic combs is 10 percent. In this case, seven percent stays in government coffers (17 percent tax minus 10 percent rebate), while 10 percent goes back to the exporting company.

VAT rebate can make export enterprises or individuals in China to increase revenue, improve profitability, to compete in a privileged position..

JW Logistics has been engaged in VAT rebates for morn than 10 years. We are experienced and well-funded.

If you want to know or operate the VAT Rebates in China, please click "Contact Us" or "Total Solutions" to communicate with our salesmanager face to face.

Let us provide the VAT Rebate Total Solutions for you.

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